Custom Inspection Hoists

Calmade Industries will manufacture any Elevator to fit the need of the customer;  in this case the customer needed a hoist that will serve dual purposes a) to inspect and b) to test different types of high end curtains and shades. 

This hoist is a dual sided system meaning that they are two hoist in one main frame. This customer needed a for dual purposes one side (Hoist A) was to be used for custom curtains and (Hoist B) for shades.

1)         Main Frame Dim. 19 feet by 30 feet wide.

2)         These hoist haves individual Lifting bars with independent motors and controls.

2)         The lifting power of Hoist A & B is of 500 + lbs.

3)         Each Hoist have their own “back Light System with 1” square engraving

4)         Pneumatic clamping System.

5)         Horizontal Reference

6)         Alarm System.

7)         and many more features.