About Calmade Industries

If You Need It, We Can Build It

Who we are:

Established in 2006 by the founder Ernie Gonzalez, Calmade Industries is a family owned and operated company based out of Acton, California. We are comprised of a diverse team of professionals with over four decades of experience who push the boundaries of innovate manufacturing solutions.

What we do:

Design, engineer and manufacture cutting-edge production solutions for the window covering industry for a wide range of diverse companies.

What we deliver:

High quality manufacturing equipment that can be customized to meet the our customers specifications and production goals


Ernest R. Gonzalez has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in equipment design and manufacturing industries of United States, Argentina and Mexico.

He has been designing and manufacturing special purpose machines and robotics since 1972. With over four decades experience in the industrial equipment industry, he has made significant innovative breakthroughs in design and manufacturing. He has three US patents for Seismic Sensors and systems approved by the State of California Earthquake office of the State Architect.

Gonzalez founded Calmade Industries in 2006 to provide high quality equipment for the Window Covering Industry that can be customized to meet the users specifications and budget. This lead to filling a niche for start-ups and smaller companies to have access to a product line that will allow them to produce a high end products with high caliber equipment within their price point. Gonzalez continues to challenge his team to dare to be different and provide their customers with NEW solutions for their system operations.

“If you need it, we can build it!”

– Ernest Gonzalez, Founder & CEO